Meryl Treatner, Philadelphia born and bred has spent most of her professional life producing and illustrating books. A graduate of the University of the Arts. Meryl has created books that shine, that glow, that sparkle, and that beg to be read, Children become woven in their pages and fascinated by the way they tell the various stories and greet the vibrant characters that the authors have assigned to her skillful portrayal.

Whether the stories are intended for poignant lessons, for emotional portrayals, or for sheer exuberance, no one can accomplish the task at artistic hand better than Meryl. Her realism is astounding, and her depicting of the work’s surroundings absorb and captivate the reader’s attention with their abundance of detail Whether It’s The chronicle of “Stop Teasing Tailor,” where one youngster is mercilessly tantalized by his youthful colleagues on the school ground. Where the frustration of unwilling disability “comes to its surface” and relates the inability to control the misguided reflexes of a youngster in an award-winning chronicle of one child’s battle with relentless biological nemeses that subjects him to the ridicule of his contemporaries.
Lighter-hearted but illustrative bonds that encompass little and big brothers, are found in “My Big Brother Ben.”

Meryl’s illustrations have appeared in hundreds of leading newspapers commissioned by ABC, NBC, CBS, and PBS, including art for programs such as: ABC NEWS Nightline, PBS’ Live from Lincoln Center, and American Playhouse the Emmy-Award winning drama, “Concealed Enemies.” Magazines carrying Meryl’s artwork include National Geographic and Scholastic Magazines. Her cover art depicting child abuse won a Best Magazine Cover awarded and judged and exhibited by Art Direction Magazine and appeared in their Creativity Annual.

Meryl is an experienced courtroom sketch artist and has been featured by ABC Nightly News and United Press International. Her works were part of the Lowe Gallery, Syracuse University, and the Huntsville, Alabama Museum of Art.

Among the publishers for which Meryl has illustrated include Pearson Learning Group, Random House, Scott-Foresman, McGraw-Hill School Division, Hampton-Brown, Wm Morrow and Company, Scholastic Books, National Geographic Books, Dell Yearling Harcourt-Brace-Jovanovich, Albert Whitman, and Voices of Future Generations International Children’s Book Series Trust for Sustainable living.